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Годы постройки:1782 - 1787
Месторасположение:27 километров от Санкт-Петербурга

The town of Pavlovsk is an outstanding palace-park ensemble of the end of 18-th and the beginning of 19-th century which was constructed as a summer residence of emperor Pavel and his family. The Pavlovsk Park is the biggest park in Europe and occupies the territory of 600 hectars. The collections of the Pavlovsk Palace were brougth together after the european voyages of the emperor family in 1781-1782 when they imported paintings, furniture, fabrics, china, antique sculptures and many presents from different european courts. The Pavlovsk Park from the date of its creation is considered to be one of the most landscape parks in the world. Some of the researchers are sure that the charm of the park comes from its unique proportionality between the scenery and dimensions of architectural objects. Others believe that The Pavlovsk Park is successful mainly because of its great location choice in the valley of Slavyanka river: turns of the river, different height of its banks gave the possibility to combine classic archtecture with live nature. The Pavlovsk Palace dominating in the park was created in the end of 18-th century by architect Ch.Cameron and after Pavel I became the emperor of Russia it gained the status of out-of-town residence. The Pavlovsk Palace dome could be seen from any point of the park, its architecture reminds of those italian villas, the inner yard looks alike Ludovic IV palace in Versailles. The particular place in the interiors of the Pavlovsk Palace are taken by Italian Hall with lots of marble sculptures and Greek Hall designed in antique style. The huge 400 sq.metres Big (Throne) Hall is amasing, its plafond is painted with tending to the sky colonnade to underline the height and the scale of the hall. During World War II German nazi had stolen many exsibits of the palace and then burned it up. Only in 1978 the Pavlovsk Palace was fully renovated and now about 45 rooms are open to public.
Карта Санкт-Петербурга

Программа тура:персональный гид, входные билеты, индивидуальная экскурсия, обед (по заказу), транспорт (по заказу)
Стоимость:от 2250 рублей на персону (зависит от сезона и количества персон)
Длительность тура:от 5 до 10 часов
Ваши преимущества:лучшие маршруты в Павловске, экономия Вашего времени
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