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Dickens Pub
Cuisine:Russian, Italian, French
Good for:draught beer&party
Opening hours:Sun-Mon 08:00-01:00, Tues-Thurs 08:00-02:00, Fri-Sat 08:00-03:00
Price range:$40-60
Site:Historical center of Saint-Petersburg

Located on Fontanka River embankment, in historical center of St Petersburg Dickens is the place famous for 100% Guinness and English ale. The concept of this classical English pub is supported by wooden decorated fa?ade and outdoor advertising, small yard in front for summer terrace finished by a bright red English call-box by the entrance. The interior of Dickens, St Petersburg follows the rules of English pub with good quality finish, high and long bar desk with high bar tables&chairs surrounded by sofas, cases with souvenirs and football scarves on the walls mixed together with woodcuts and portrait of Queen Victoria. As for beers you would be surprised to find some typical brands like Bowman Stout, Eagle or Dragoon exclusively delivered to Dickens along with more than 30 types of bottled beers both imported and local. Menu differs whether you take ground or first floor dining room which is more to the restaurant side; it features wide range of beer snacks and includes dishes of Russian, Italian and French cuisine. Entertainment part of your staying in Dickens consists of live broadcasts of football matches and other sport events presented on flat screens mixed with live musical performances and staff dancing shows.
Map of St.Petersburg
108, Fontanka River embankment
+7(812) 380-78-88

Tour programme:personal guide (optional), transfer (optional)
Your benefits:best reservation time, aperitif on the house, special attention
Options:be sure that we'll enhance your tour programme with any element upon your request